“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe”
Lao Tzu

About Dreamfire

Dreamfire came into being in 1999 as a symphonic cinematic ambient musical entity to explore ancient mysteries, magic, legends and majestic themes. Dreamfire; a realm where music meets infinity. Mystical, immersive, dynamic and inspirational music for a time of a new age of mysticism and legends to come.

The work of Dreamfire exists in the spaces above the physical realm, and is a conceptual manifestation of journeys through time, space and reality, within and without the boundless and timeless expanses of the universe.

The journey to the current release, 'Atlantean Symphony', began well over a decade ago, when the [3rd Dreamfire] demo recording of the same name was released. Finally, 2012 saw the completion of what began with that vision. The demo was but a seed, the beginning of an enlightening journey; the alpha to the omega of what grew into the ultimate realisation of the album.

Today as 2017 passes, a new album is currently being written that continues the story that begain with Atlantean Symphony, as well as other works exploring new themes from the Dreamfire realm...

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